New paintings 2023: portraits of everything and nothing.

In January 2022 my New Year’s resolution was to create ten new paintings within the year. It had been ten years since I gave up my artist’s studio, so I aimed to mark this milestone with one artwork for each year of not painting.

As the year drew to a close, only four paintings were done. Some of the others didn’t quite meet my standards, and a few remained works in progress. Not what I initially hoped for, but still very pleased with the results and happy to be painting again. It is also a good reminder of the importance of starting the work and accepting it will not go according to plan. This is when creativity flourishes. So although it took a bit more time than anticipated, I’m delighted to present my collection of ten new paintings!

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Each painting is 30 centimeters wide by 40 centimeters in height and is painted with oil on linnen. The repeating pattern represents our social fabric and is a pattern I used in one of my first paintings around 1991 and have often used since.

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