New paintings 2023: portraits of everything and nothing.

In January 2022, I embarked on a New Year’s resolution: to create ten fresh paintings within the year. A decade had passed since I had bid farewell to my artist’s studio, so I aimed to mark this milestone with one artwork for each year of artistic dormancy.

As the year drew to a close, only four paintings had reached completion. Some of the others didn’t quite meet my standards, and a few remained works in progress. While this outcome differed from my initial vision for the year, I found myself profoundly appreciative of the opportunity to wield a paintbrush once more. Though it took a bit more time than anticipated, I’m delighted to present my collection of ten new paintings!

Each painting is 30 centimeters wide by 40 centimeters in height and is painted with oil on linnen. The repeating pattern represents our social fabric and is a pattern I used in one of my first paintings around 1991 and have often used since.

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